The Outsiders

The Obelisk

Campaign Date: CY588, Wealsun 12th – 17th RL Date: 10/22/14-10/28/14
Location(s): The Gnarl Forest, One Oak, Caltaran, Dyers City
NPCs: Delwen, Captain Telcher, Jonner Whitelock Ramifications:

  The Year is CY588, three years after the end of the Greyhawk Wars (named that because most of the treaties that ended the wars were signed in Greyhawk). Larissa Hunter is the Magistrate of Dyvers. A warrior hero of the wars, she is popular, and the Free City has prospered under her guidance. The Free City of Dyers has just completed a castle east of Maraven, solidifying (and expanding) its border with the Domain of Greyhawk.
  Mostly oblivious of these events are Jackson, a wandering hunter, and Dolph, a wizard traveling to Dyvers to investigate the magical opportunities there.
  Meanwhile Wyld Dirk, an initiate to the Way of the Gun, travels towards the Free City of Dyvers in the company of Korim a half-orc warrior. Dirk is traveling towards the Free City to visit the alchemists there, seeking for a better way to obtain the powder he needs for his weapons. Korim, on the other hand, is travelling away from the Pomarj. Abused much of his life by pure-blood Orcs, he finally slew his raid leader and headed north before the rest of his raiding group began to hunt him.
  Jackson and Dolph hear the sounds of a fight in the distance. Both recognize that one of the combatants is a bear, but do not hear cries or growls from the other combatant. As they arrive, the bear is already wandering away, victorious. Left on the ground are the remains of a zombie. Both Jackson and Dolph are aware that zombies do not generally travel or wander unless they are ordered to do so. The zombies’ back trail is child’s play to follow, and they do so..
  The zombie’s backtrail is to the southwest, and within an hour they reach a path, where they happen upon Dirk and Korim.. Just as they are beginning to make introductions, they are interrupted by a pair of zombies travelling from the south, one with centipedes crawling in and out of its rotting flesh. They are able to defeat the zombies, but not before Dirk is paralyzed by multiple centipede bites.
As they are fashioning a travois to transport Dirk to the nearest town, Jackson notices that the backtrail from these zombies is different. They do not have the same origin…but it seems likely they had the same destination. For now, however, they cannot investigate, so they travel to One Oak to inquire after healing.
  One Oak has a small church of Ehlonna, and the priestess there (Delwen), hears their tale and offers her healing services in exchange for the party investigating why there are suddenly so many undead wandering through the area, The party agrees. While Dirk is still recovering from poison, Jackson, Dolph and Korim once again travel into the Gnarl looking for the destination of the zombies they’ve fought so far.
  On the way, the party comes across yet another zombie, this time accompanied by a skeletal wolf and skeletal hunting dog. They defeat the undead quickly, finding that this zombie is different from the others (who have been either soldiers or commoners with obvious death wounds). This zombie has higher quality equipment, and there is no indication of how he died, or that he was even aware that he was in danger (his bow slung on his back and his rapier still in its sheath).
  Soon thereafter, the come upon a five foot black obelisk that has been placed incongruously in a clearing in the forest. It has apparently been attracting undead for some time, as there are 3 skeletal soldiers and a zombie troglodyte milling around the clearing. After a rough fight, they destroy the entire group, and set to investigating the obelisk itself. Pitch black and unmarked, it sits in an iron setting marked with unknown symbols. The party decides to destroy the obelisk before it can cause further trouble, and when they do so, a burst of negative energy is released as the obelisk turns to vapor, leaving only the setting that was spiked into the ground.
  Having defeated the undead and destroyed the Obelisk, the party returns to One Oak to rest and recuperate, and Delwen asks them to take the iron setting (which she identifies as having symbols from Nerull the Reaper on it) to Dyvers, where someone more skilled than she can investigate the issue.
  After passing through Caltaran and being given documents to get them to appropriate authorities in Dyvers, the party arrives at the Free City and are quickly passed to the army, and then to a halfling wizard, Jonner Whitelock, who rewards them handsomely and tells them that if they see another obelisk to leave it in place and contact him immediately so he can dispatch a team to investigate.



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