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  • The Obelisk

    table{font-family: Arial;font-size:small;}. |{column-width: 87px;}. *Campaign Date:*|{column-width: 186px;}. CY588, Wealsun 12th - 17th|{column-width: 87px;}. *RL Date:*|{column-width: 100px;}. 10/22/14-10/28/14| |*Location(s):*|\3. [[The Gnarl Forest …

  • The Gnarl Forest

    The Gnarl Forest Stretches across most of Dyvers, merging into the Kron Hills on the West, and the Welkwood (bordering Celene)to the Southwest.

    An ancient forest, the deeps of the Gnarl contain creatures of the Green rarely seen elsewhere, such as …

  • One Oak

    On the Low Road between Caltaran and the Verbobonc Border

    Barely a widening of the Low Road, One Oak gets its name from the massive oak tree in its center.
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  • Caltaran

    West of [[The Free City of Dyvers | The Free City of Dyvers]], where the Low Road meets the High Road

    A village in the shadow of the Free City, Caltaran's primary income is from caravans that stage here before departing along the High or …

  • Greyhawk Pantheon

    Oerth has a vast number of Deities, and a number of them have worshippers in the Dyvers area. table{font-family: Arial;font-size:small;}. |_\5. Greater deities| |Widely Worshipped|Baklunish|Oeridian|Flan|Suel| |Boccob (magic, Neutral)|Istus (fate, …

  • Delwen

    She discussed the Obelisk Setting with the party, and noted the symbols of Nerull the Reaper.

    *Associated Runlogs:* [[The Obelisk | The Obelisk]]
    *Associated NPCs:*
    *Residence:* [[One Oak | One Oak]]

  • Captain Telcher

    The captain gave the party travel documents that would get them to see [[:jonner-whitelock | Jonner Whitelock]] after they explained that a number of Dyver's Free Soldiers had turned up as Undead.

    *Associated Runlogs:* [[The Obelisk | The Obelisk …

  • Jonner Whitelock

    Jonner paid the party for the Obelisk Setting, telling them to leave the next one in place and contact him so he can send someone to investigate.

    *Associated Runlogs:* [[The Obelisk | The Obelisk]]
    *Associated NPCs:*