The Free City of Dyvers

Located on the Southern shore of the west side of the Nyr Dyv, at the mouth of the Velverdyva river

Dyvers City is the second largest city on Oerik, and is a trade hub and a cultural melting pot. Recently, however, it has absorbed a large influx of Shieldlander refugees, and there has been unrest.

LN Metropolis: Corruption+21; Crime+14; Law+27; Lore+25; Productivity+56; Society+30; Danger+30
GP Limit: 24000gp
Population: 52000
Wealth: 150000gp
Spellcasting: 8th
Constable: Rogue 2/Fighter 3
Full-time Guards: 520
Conscriptable Persons: 2600
NPCs at this location:
Jonner Whitelock
Notable Organizations within The Free City include: The Dyvers Dweomercrafters Guild, The Blood Lineage


The Free City of Dyvers

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