Tag: Settlement


  • The Free City of Dyvers

    Located on the Southern shore of the west side of the Nyr Dyv, at the mouth of the Velverdyva river

    Dyvers City is the second largest city on Oerik, and is a trade hub and a cultural melting pot. Recently, however, it has absorbed a large …

  • One Oak

    On the Low Road between Caltaran and the Verbobonc Border

    Barely a widening of the Low Road, One Oak gets its name from the massive oak tree in its center.
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  • Caltaran

    West of [[The Free City of Dyvers | The Free City of Dyvers]], where the Low Road meets the High Road

    A village in the shadow of the Free City, Caltaran's primary income is from caravans that stage here before departing along the High or …