The Dyvers Dweomercrafters Guild

The wizards’ guild of Dyvers, called the Dyvers Dweomercrafters Guild, is one of the true powers of the city. The Wizard’s Guild headquarters, located in the Noble’s Quarter, is 60 feet tall with 5 towers that soar 200 feet into the air, and it is rumored that magic of some kind was used in the building of such a tall facility.
Each of the outer towers is home to two sub-guilds, each representing a school of magic, with the most prestigious schools occupying the top of the towers. The central tower is always occupied by the Universalists, and is the tower occupied by the Archmage (who is always a Universalist, so that no one school is placed above the others). A Wizard’s specialization (or lack thereof) determines his school for the rest of his career.
The Dyvers Dweomercrafters Guild is enjoying a renaissance. Two decades ago, it was ruled by bitter, crotchety old men who refused to work together, and therefore its power was at a very low ebb. For the past three years, with a spunky young female elf at the helm, everyone more or less works together – grudgingly, in some cases. The old traditions of bias and sabotage between the schools will always be present, but much progress has been made toward solidarity.
The Archmage is Sundra MacStruan, the ultimate power in the guild. She is advised by the Conclave Arcanum, which is comprised of the head of each specialized school of Wizardry. Sundra, who emigrated to Dyvers from parts unknown around fifteen years ago, rocketed up the largely male ranks of the guild to reach her current lofty post. Since then, she has energized all mages, even her most vocal opponents in the Guild, and the Dweomercrafters are back to their old mysterious and confident (though not usually haughty) ways.
The official position of the Guild promotes the conservation of magic. This is not to say that no one should cast spells, just a reminder to use restraint. Choose a spell equal to the task and don’t go overboard. Carelessly throwing fireballs around is not the way a wizard should behave in Dyvers. Indeed, there are harsh penalties for reckless spellcasting in Dyvers, and worse ones for unlicensed mages.
The Wizard’s Guild of Dyvers has a long tradition of service to the City. A Guild member may be deputized at any time as needed by the Constabulary or City Watch, gaining temporary rank in the Constabulary depending on their rank in the Guild. This is done only in an emergency when the Constable has no other recourse and other help is too far away for the immediate concern, and the Constable’s reason for deputizing the Guild member will most certainly be reviewed by his superiors, resulting in discipline if the action was unwarranted.
Membership Criteria: The Dweomercrafter’s Guild accepts only Wizards (those with at least 1 Wizard Level). Other Arcane casters need not apply. As noted, each member is part of one of the 9 Schools based on his/her specialization or choice not to specialize. The schools are:
Abjuration, whose members concern themselves with spells of a protective nature. They tend to be reclusive, but friendly if you get to know them. Their services are quite in demand; many crafters of this school have a lucrative career. Dwarves represent a surprising fraction of this school. Their formal robes are gray with black trim.
Conjuration, whose members concentrate on spells which create objects or creatures. They tend to be loners. After all, who needs friends if you can conjure your own? Their formal robes are gold (or more often, yellow).
Divination, whose members concentrate on spells that reveal information. They serve not only as the eyes and ears of the Dweomercrafters Guild, but as the keepers of its secrets as well. They tend to be a bit paranoid and are the smallest school in the guild. They are responsible for training the Guild Fatespinners as well as its Loremasters. Their formal robes are light blue, often with a cloud pattern.
Enchantment, whose members concentrate on spells that affect persons or creatures. Members of this school are extroverted and extremely friendly. Members are often called on to manipulate people when the Dweomercrafters Guild deems it appropriate, and as such they are responsible for training the Dweomercrafters Guild Mindbenders. Their formal robes are blue with gold astrological symbols (stars & moons).
Evocation, whose members concentrate on manipulation of energy. This is the largest school in the Dweomercrafters Guild; its members tend to be extroverted and even boastful and elitist. They are responsible for training the Dweomercrafters Guild Elemental Savants. Their formal robes are red with gold shoulders & sleeves.
Illusion, whose members concentrate on spells that affect perception of reality. Its members are quite outgoing. However, when in unfamiliar areas they tend to be introverted and avoid attention; even claiming to belong to another school. If the Diviners are keepers of the Dweomercrafters Guild secrets then the School of Illusion is the creator of its lies. Their formal robes are multi-colored.
Necromancy, whose members concentrate on spells which manipulate a creature’s life force. This school suffers from a bad reputation, but in reality they tend to be caring and concerned members of society…albeit with a rather morbid specialization. This school has the highest number of Clerics Theurges in its membership. Their formal robes are white & black, with white on the right hand side and black on the left.
Transmutation, whose members tend to concentrate on spells that physically change an object or person. Its members are as varied as one would expect in this school. Often busy arguing amongst themselves, they are responsible for training the Dweomercrafters Guild Candle Casters. Their formal robes are dark blue or black with gold astrological symbols (stars & moons).
Universal, whose members concentrate on the art of magic. Its members are called generalists by outsiders, but they tend to call themselves Mages. Members of this school do not easily fit any stereotype. However, they tend to be called upon by the Magistrate more than any other school in the Guild. They are responsible for teaching the Dweomercrafters Guild Arcane Tricksters. More importantly, they train the members of the Arcane Order and are responsible for the Spellpool. Their formal robes may be of any color but always have a dragon motif.
The formal robes are a colorful alternative to the official robes and were established for formal occasions such as balls. They have become quite popular with its members. Apprentices and Journeymen may only wear formal robes at sanctioned formal events, and otherwise must wear official robes when serving in an official capacity (such as serving with the City Constabulary), when attending the school, or when attending the Conclave Arcanum. Official Robes for Apprentices are plain white robes while Journeymen wear plain grey robes. Wearing a robe above the wizard’s actual rank is considered serious offence.
Enemies & Allies: While the Dweomercrafters Guild does not have any true enemies, there is a significant rivalry with the ss. With the Guild’s tradition of service to the City, the Dyvers City Guard is a strong ally.

Allies: Dyvers City GuardEnemies: The Blood Lineage

Status: Active
Resources:Very powerful within The Free City
Headquarters: The Free City of Dyvers
Relation w/PCs:Associated Runlogs:

Organization Members
Leader: Archmage Sundra MacStruan

Affiliation Data
Affiliation Type: CollegeAffiliation Scale: 5 (City)Executive Powers: N/A
Affiliation Score Criteria: Entry to the Guild requires a 100gp application fee. This is in addition to the yearly tuition/dues. As part of tuition/dues, members have basic room & board expenses covered as well as a set of Official and Formal Robes (though many Wizards choose to purchase more expensive versions). Advancement in the Dweomercrafter’s Guild is not a matter of service, but of skill and time. Affiliation Score is not relevant to this process, a wizard must pass tests of competency to advance. Above the level of Magister is only the Conclave Arcanum and the Archmage, and those ranks are attained by vote of all the Magisters when those positions become open. All members of the Guild receive the following benefits:
•Lawfully permitted to cast spells within the city limits that do not cause structural damage or inflict bodily harm
•Unescorted access to the South Gate of the Noble Quarters for going to and from the Guild only
•Receives 50xp/month while attending or teaching classes. This experience can only be applied towards classes with Wizard Spellcasting Levels.
Titles, Benefits & Duties:

1100gp Application Fee
Spellcraft and Knowledge (Arcana) – 1 Rank
Dues: 100gp/year
ApprenticeCommunal Dormitory-style room and board.

May purchase most 2nd Level or lower Core Wizard Spells at ½ price.

+1 on Knowledge (Arcana/History/The Planes) Checks after 1 hour’s research in the Guild Library.

-1 to Diplomacy Checks with the Dyvers Sorcerers’ Guild.
2200gp Testing Fee
Apprentice Status for 6 months
Spellcraft and Knowledge (Arcana) – 3 Ranks
Ability to cast 2nd Level Wizard Spells
Dues: 200gp/year.
JourneymanPrivate Dormitory-style room and board

May purchase most 3rd Level or lower Core Wizard Spells at ½ price.

+2 on Knowledge (Arcana/History/The Planes) Checks after 1 hour’s research in the Guild Library.

-2 to Diplomacy Checks with the Dyvers Sorcerers’ Guild.
3Journeyman Status for 1 year
Spellcraft and Knowledge (Arcana) – 7 Ranks
Ability to cast 4th Level Wizard Spells
Dues: 300gp/year
MasterMasters live well. They have private rooms good food and a shared serving staff.

May purchase most 5th Level or lower Core Wizard Spells at ½ price.

+3 on Knowledge (Arcana/History/The Planes) Checks after 1 hour’s research in the Guild Library.

Gain +3 on Knowledge (Local) Checks for Dyvers/Velverdyva/Tuflik/ Fals Trade Route after 1 hour’s research in the Guild Library.

The Wizard’s mark (Arcane Mark) is entered into the Book of Names – granting him protection by both the Guild and the Temple of Boccob.

-3 to Diplomacy Checks with the Dyvers Sorcerers’ Guild.
4Master Status for 1 year
Spellcraft and Knowledge (Arcana) – 9 Ranks
Ability to cast 5th Level Wizard Spells
(Magisters are exempt from Dues)
MagisterMagisters have their own suites as well as a 1st Level Commoner Servant and 1-4 1st-2nd Level Apprentices at their beck and call within the city. A Magister who leaves Dyvers is welcome to take his Servant but is discouraged from travelling with more than 1 Apprentice.

The wizard may use the title Magister/Magistrix in front of his/her name.
Within Dyvers this is the equivalent of minor nobility.

May purchase most 6th Level or lower Core Wizard Spells at ½ price.

Gain +4 on Knowledge (Arcana/History/the Planes) after 1 hour’s research in the Guild Library.

Gain +4 on Knowledge (Local) Checks for Dyvers/Velverdyva/Tuflik/ Fals Trade Route after 1 hour’s research in the Guild Library.

-4 to Diplomacy Checks with the Dyvers Sorcerers’ Guild.
5Must be elected by vote of Magisters in the SchoolArcanum CouncilorLeader of a Specialist School
6Must be elected by the Conclave Arcanum from the ranks of Universalist MagistersArchmageLeader of the Guild

Miscellaneous Affiliation Notes: Any magical robe a wizard purchases through the Dweomercrafters Guild may be in the style of the Guild’s official robes or their school’s formal robes, and any magical brooch or amulet a wizard purchases through the guild may be done in the style of the Dweomercrafters Guild official seal. Mundane amulets or broaches may be procured from a number of merchants in the city. The Dweomercrafters Guild will happily sell a copper seal to anyone for a mere silver piece. The Church of Boccob sells blessed (holy symbol) versions of the seal with the eye of Boccob.

The Dyvers Dweomercrafters Guild

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